Fire Prevention

fire fighting with fire extinguisher

Authorised by Qatar's Civil Defence Department to deliver this training, QISC sets the standard by offering unparalleled training courses in fire prevention.

Fire Prevention Courses

  • Basic Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Fire Warden / Floor Marshal Training
  • Fire Safety Awareness Training
  • Fire Safety for Security Staff Training
  • Fire Watch Training
  • Home & Community Fire Safety Training

The Fire Prevention Department also offers the following services:

  • Fire safety audits of existing information and procedures
  • Assistance with improving existing procedures
  • Observations and advice to improve emergency evacuations
  • Advice on reducing false alarms
  • Fire prevention advice
  • Fire engineering solutions
  • Advice on means of escape
  • Advice on Fire Detection and Alarm Systems and Emergency Lighting
  • Advice on Evacuation Procedures for Disabled people
  • Fire Safety Procedures Documents
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Bomb & Suspect Package Procedures
  • Major Loss of Power Procedures
  • Evacuation Plans and Fire Action Notices
  • Major Incident Plans
  • Fire Log-Books
  • Fire Investigation

Road Safety Training

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Emergency Response

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Health and Safety

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