Road Safety Training

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Driving is one of the most dangerous activities of daily life, but with effective delivery of training programs, everyday risks can be significantly reduced. Therefore, defensive driving and driver safety courses are essential to maintain maximum safety on the roads. QISC offers Road Safety courses that aims to reduce the risk of unsafe driving in Qatar. All courses are taught in line with the traffic laws set out by the State of Qatar, and also following accreditation guidelines of IVV (International Association of Driver Education).

Road Safety Courses

  • Corporate Road Safety Policy and Standards
  • Defensive Driver Training IVV Approved (Light Vehicle)
  • Defensive Driver Training IVV Approved (Heavy Vehicle)
  • Desert Driving
  • Driving Assessment and Evaluations
  • Emergency Response IVV Approved
  • Forklift Operations Training
  • Forklift Safety
  • Forklift Truck Operator
  • MEWP (Mobile Elevated Working Platforms) Training
  • IVMS (In Vehicle Monitoring System)
  • Qatar Familiarization
  • Site Safety and Traffic Management
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • VIP Driver Training
  • Advanced Driver Training and Testing

Health and Safety

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Major Emergency Management

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Marine & Offshore Survival

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